Day of Reflection Follow Up

Participants at the end of our Day of Reflection 2015
Participants at the end of our Day of Reflection 2015
Here (see links below) are some of the materials we used at our day of reflection.  Amy sent the 12 weeks prayer for you.  This is a powerful prayer that is suggested to be prayer from October through Christmas, but you can pick it up at any time and enter into the prayer now and use it until Christmas, or start at the beginning and pray your way through.  It is very powerful and she wanted you all to have a copy.
Here is the link to the Jubilee of Mercy website in case you want to read the whole of the Papal Bull on the  Jubilee Year of Mercy.  It is well worth the read!  I have attached the reflection we used at the day of reflection.  It is a summary of the 25 points in the Papal Bull.  Hopefully it will wet you appetite to read the whole thing!
Peace and All Good,

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